Mobile Devices not showing in list

The ability to connect to mobile devices was the best feature in ManyCam for me, however unfortunately my list of devices are now not showing in ManyCam Windows (latest version), despite them showing up in the “List of your devices” when I login to

I am properly logged in via the iPhone app on two separate devices (the same devices that show up on, but no matter how many times I refresh, they will not show in the software.

Any suggestions/help welcome.

Thank you.

Hey @robzid

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Enable push notifications on the mobile devices via reinstalling ManyCam and then allowing access for ManyCam.
  2. Allow notifications in Settings -> ManyCam -> Notifications -> Allow Notifications (iOS only).
  3. Restart ManyCam on all devices.
  4. Log back in on both devices using the same ManyCam account and try to connect again.
  5. Sometimes you need to refresh the list of devices as well on both desktop and mobile apps.
  6. If you still experience issues, please follow this troubleshooting guide: