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Hello my name Byron I am full Deaf i have iMac also also I use SorenSonVRS but last time I did use. I will show picture not show something. did before after not work. that reason Plugin remove from apple or Manycam? which ? see my picture there.

with Screenshot


Hey @Byron_Stewart,

Welcome to the community. In you case, this issue is most likely on the SorenSonVRS’s side. Their app has to have “Disable Library Validation Entitlement” for ManyCam or any other virtual webcam to appear on the list video source. For more information, see this

I did ask my friend have window PC have one of kind manycam have support with SorensonVRS. but other one apple was but will show you one of Ntouch PC have one picture

that one have. but other my iMac not mean manycam remove that ?? or what ?? I need want know. of my picture show that one but you see MIC only Audio have manycam but video not there why ?