ManyCam virtual Cam with Zoom 4.6.9

I hope you can get this fixed. I talked to Zoom support, they stated that if Apple apps (FaceTime and Photo Booth) can’t see the the device, then zoom won’t support it.

…that would basically mean the end of using ManyCam for me, then… Photo Booth hasn’t ever supported it. For now, it still works with Microsoft Teams – but the latest update for Skype for Business also disabled virtual webcam support :worried:

Same here. I just bought manycam last week and am now considering asking for a refund.

Go to this link at Zoom support and let them know they need to bring back virtual cams support in their next release:

Same here, Zoom and Skype does not see ManyCam. Refund here I come!

Hey everyone,

We’re currently in contact with Zoom and Apple to resolve this issue.
We will make a forum post with more details shortly.

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Zoom is actually not the problem, they have an outstanding background replacement function built in, Skype for business is my biggest problem. Can’t work from home without background replacement in Skype :slight_smile:

Hey @Love_Kull

We’re contacting Skype too! We’re trying to get this resolved by as many parties as possible.

In the past we were able to work with the Chromium team on this same issue, they ended up fixing the issue in Google Chrome so we’re hopeful that this will be fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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what is your timeframe? I purchased this product specifically for Zoom. Without this function ManyCam is not a viable product for me.

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Hey @oconnorbz

Unfortunately due to this being a restriction with Apple and other applications like Zoom, I can’t give an exact time frame. We are working around the clock on this though and hopefully can get it resolved soon.

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Just an FYI. I updated my zoom for MacOS to 4.6.11 this morning. Manycam is still not recognized on this release.


Please let me know once this issue is resolved, it is the one thing stopping me paying for your software. Dan

This is not just a ManyCam issue. This also affects CamTwist and other virtual camera apps.

I’m having the same problem actually… I bought your software and now I don’t need it if it doesn’t work… :confused:

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I am having the same problem with Zoom and I am also thinking if requesting a Refund. I am going to try GoToMeeting and see if it works there. If not, I am not sure why I would keep this software for the money I paid for it.

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Just purchased a lifetime… Guess what, does not work in GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Skype. Remind me why I just bought this? My bad. Just threw over a hundred bucks out the window. Anyway, rather than complaining, I’ll finish with a hopefully useable comment. The problem I’m having with GoToMeeting, Zoom and Skype is that the Manycam choice does not appear, but with Manycam launched (with or without a lower third) then it somehow partially creeps into the stream and creates a weirdly zoomed image with the lower third appearing cut off. Shame because I really was liking this option. :frowning: Note: I’m on Mac.

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Hey - @Christopher what’s the latest here?

Hey everyone,

@C-Alyanak can you please post a screenshot or PM me more details? This seems like an odd issue I have not seen before.

@plaintext We’re in contact with Zoom, Apple and others and we’re trying to find a good solution for everyone. Apple resolving this would be the best option for everyone but we’re also trying to get the above platforms to support a short term solution.

Hi. Really sorry but I decided to jump ship. This said, happy to try and debug but I’ve uninstalled.
If it’s any consolation, everyone seems to be having problems with GTM, Zoom, etc. It seems to be their bad. They just do not want to play nice with virtual cameras, no idea why?? Anyway, I’ve gone for a hardware solution with Blackmagic.
Again, apologies for not being more helpful.

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Hey @C-Alyanak

We hope to have you back once this is all resolved.

This is an issue that happened when Apple moved core functionality for Virtual Webcams into something that requires applications like Zoom, GTM, and others to remove an entitlement called “Disable Library Validation”.

This entitlement allows their applications to load plugins (The ManyCam virtual webcam in this case) when they aren’t signed by them, or Apple. So essentially the only things Zoom can load right now are Apple plugins and Zoom plugins.

We are working night and day on this though and contacting everyone we can, I will make a forum post once this is up and I’ll remember to send you a message once it’s all over!

In the meantime feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments.