ManyCam_v3.1.64 stopped working after updating Windows 10 in 2 out of 3 browsers

Yes I know it’s an old version, but I do not get along with the new versions - there are too many options that I do not need.
I use the old version from the day it came out many years ago.

Until this morning it worked on sites like Facebook or younow in Chrome Firefox and adge browsers, but there was a security update of Windows 10 yesterday that caused browsers not to find the “camera” when I wanted to open a broadcast.

It does not matter what I did, I completely deleted the manycam and reinstalled, it still does not let me open a broadcast.
Only with the Firefox browser everything works without a problem but I like Firefox less and I am afraid that even there one day it will stop working.

Can someone help me ?

Thank you

@Yos508 Try to start Chrome with --disable-features=MediaFoundationVideoCapture

I did not understand how I do it

As alternative type chrome://flags/ in the address bar, search for mediafoundation and disable it:

@Yos508 Did it help?