ManyCam pushing two Facebook Live feeds

Whenever I send ManyCam to Facebook Live, it is sending two duplicate feeds (and usually one has no sound). When I stop the live event on Facebook, everything appears to have ended normally. But when I go to the timeline, one feed has stopped and the other feed is still rolling live! The feed that’s still rolling live says it was published by ManyCam; the feed that properly stopped does not say that. I’m on a Mac, and this happens when I go live in both Firefox and Chrome, so it’s not a browser issue. And it doesn’t matter if I’m on my personal FB page or a business page I created. This confuses my viewers (when many of them click in on Facebook, they get the wrong feed; I can’t see their comments because Facebook is showing me comments for the good feed). And it could be potentially embarrassing for me because I think I’ve stopped the live feed while ManyCam is still pushing a second feed to Facebook. Has anyone ever encountered this problem? I’ve tried a fresh download of ManyCam, and it didn’t help. Thanks!