Manycam not recording at set fps rate Mac version

Hi all,

I seem to be having a weird issue with recording. Ok, I first noticed it when I had set my ManyCam to 1080p60; I made a recording and while checking audio sync in Final Cut, it was saying the FPS was 50. I thought it was a fluke so I checked the original file in both VLC and quicktime - both showed it at 50fps.

I then set the system to 1080p30 and made a recording, and this time it was recording at ~25fps. Why is Manycam not recording at the set FPS rate? I didn’t see any settings in properties under recordings to record a different FPS from the master setting.

Any suggestions or is this what other people are seeing as well? (and yes, I’m still having some trouble getting my audio from a mic separate from my webcam to line up perfectly.)