ManyCam not in skype or browser dropdown list

This has only recently occurred as a problem in Windows 10. ManyCam 6.7.0 is not showing up in the dropdown list in Skype or browser-based applications, and not showing as an option in my browser camera settings (Chrome, Opera, Edge). At first, I thought it might be a conflict with YouCam 8/Perfect Cam which was also installed and showed up in those dropdown lists. However, I uninstalled them and rebooted. C920 shows, but still no ManyCam in the dropdown. I have Xsplit as well. I am going to try uninstalling that as well, but I kind of think it won’t help.

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @rexall9000,

Try to reinstall ManyCam, Windows 10 sometimes removes ManyCam webcam driver during major updates. Let us know if it helps.