ManyCam 7 for Mac screen capture problem

Hi, I just bought ManyCam 7 for Mac to be able to convert my DSLR into a webcam. Unfortunately nothing seems to be like in the tutorials. I want to capture the Canon Utilities window on my screen, but when I try to set the Video source to Desktop/App Window I only have two items in the list: Window Server Menubar and ManyCam - ManyCam. No other Apps show. No other apps including Powerpoint etc show up. Also, when I try to set Desktop/Custom area I get the crossbars, but only the ManyCam window and the desktop of my computer shows, no other windows. And when I chose select, i get a black window. Finally, when I try the “Fullscreen” mode, I get a black screen.
I greatly appreciate any help how to set it up.

I am having the exact same issue. Have you gotten in resolved?

Hey @Arghhh

You need to check the screen capture permissions first: