Manycam 7 for Mac - Issue: Blue Tint

I downloaded ManyCam 7 for Mac, but there is a blue tint present in both Camera Source and Image Source. Is there a solution for this? If not, could I have a download file for version 6.7 available? It is very urgent as I use ManyCam for work.

Thank you,

Hey @kger,

Welcome to the community. Try switching between the hardrawe acceleration options available to you in ManyCam Settings -> General.

Hi @kger,

Whais is your macOS version and hardware (e.g. macbook pro)?

MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.4
My hardware is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-Inch, Late 2013)

Thank you for your reply!

Switching from Auto to OpenGL seems to have fixed it. Thank you for your reply!

Anyone who runs into this problem, please share your macOS version and hardware here.

I had the same issue - switching to OpenGL has fixed it too.


It looks like this problem occurs with NVidia GPUs only (FIXME).
You may try to switch to integrated GPU (for example until the problem is fixed. Or switch to OpenGL of course.