Livestream to FB closed Group and also Public Page

I tried following the instructions here (

"How to stream to several Facebook profiles (pages, groups) simultaneously (RTMP)

This includes Facebook profiles, pages, groups, and events that you manage.

Start streaming to one page as per instructions above,
Create a Live event and a custom RTMP server to stream to another page as described below,"

So I started normally on a fb closed group using RMTP channels. After it’s live, I went to a page to start a live and connect and tried to click on “add custom server” on manycam but it doesn’t work. The “add custom server” option is not available while there’s already a fb streaming on manycam going on.

What od I do?

Hi @Jonathanj,

Try creating a custom RTMP server before you go live. Then go live one by one. It appears that this option is disabled if you are alraedy live - we’ll fix this. I’ve also updated the guide accordingly, thanks for pointing this out.