Issue with Zoom not showing manycam feed with multiple Windows users

We have an issue where Zoom is not showing the ManyCam feed but just showing a black screen - regardless of what feed has been selected in ManyCam.

We have ManyCam installed on a Win10 machine and is being used by 2 different Windows users. Each Windows user has their own Zoom account.

What’s happening is, for example, Windows User1 shuts closes Zoom and ManyCam and then shuts down the PC. Windows User2 comes along the next day, starts the machine and logs in to Windows User2 account and then starts up ManyCam and Zoom but just gets a black screen in Zoom, even though ManyCam has been selected as the Camera device.

To fix it, User2 has to log out and ask User1 to log in and kill the ManyCam app in the system tray of User1’s Windows account so that User2 can log back in and then it all works ok. The same happens in reverse. When User2 has finished, even though he’s quit the ManyCam software and Zoom and does a full shutdown/power off of the machine, when User1 logs in, Zoom just gets a black screen from ManyCam.

Is there anyway to fix this?

As a side note, we have a ManyCam Studio licence (2 devices) and ManyCam has allocated a device to each of the Windows Users. It’s showing that we have used 2 devices, even though it’s installed on 1 device. It’s simply appended a number 1 to the device name as the second device. Personally, I think this should only be a one device allocation since its the same machine and we can only use one at a time but I’m only really mentioning it in case it has any relevance to the above issue.

Many thanks in advance for your help