iOS Screen Share

I guess this is a feature only for Mac version? Is this something that will ever come to PC? I’d love to use my iPad to share what’s on the screen as a video source. I feel like this was a feature of an old version of ManyCam where I could mirror my iPhone/iPad and use it as a video source. Is it a limitation on what Apple allows? Thanks.

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Hey @Robert,

You are right, this is a limitation imposed by Apple, however, we’ll look into other ways of making this work on Windows.

Has this been fixed? I need to use my iPad as a video source using a drawing app to capture the conversation.

Hey @Blipstudio,

This one is not a bug, the mobile screen sharing feature hasn’t been introduced to ManyCam for Windows yet. Vote for this feature to prioritize it.

I just moved to OBS which uses literally 20x less resources than Manycam. Then I use an AirPlay app. There are some free ones (like LonelyCam. You just share the app window like you would in ManyCam. But where ManyCam would bump my CPU usage to 60% for a single screen share, OBS uses 3%. Yes, 3%.