Impossible to add ip cam that have only username e no password

I bough one of those cheap IP PTZ chinese camera… but surprisely it works very well.
at the instalation time it doesn´t ask for any password. Later I tryed to see it´s video using VLC it ask for a username and password… I tryied several ones and found out that the the correct is username: admin and passwrod: (nothing).
Now, to add the ip camera to manycam with authentication it doesn´t allow me to keep password blank and I can´t change the camera password ou add one…

can somebody help me?

Hi @assurneto,

do you know if ManyCam has feature for moving and zooming PTZ cameras?
And what is the model of your camera (if not a secret)?

Hey @Dovlet_Mamenov

At this time ManyCam does not support movement/zooming, we do plan on adding these controls in the future but I cannot guarantee a date at this time.

and about my question? why manycam do not accept blank passwords for ipcam?

Hey @assurneto

Can I please know the make and model of your IP Camera?

Hey @assurneto

Regarding the blank password. Please also send a few screenshots:

  1. An error message in ManyCam
  2. A URL that you are using
  3. What happens when you access the IP cam through your browser