Howto resize image PNG?

Hi there,

I want to resize a logo and place it on top right corner like this (see yellow boxes)

But, I am not able to do it because of the layer aspect ratio. I am not able to change the image layer aspect ratio. See the surrounding light blue. I can not reduce the width or align the image to the right.

Can anyone help?


Hey @Riwut_Libinuko

We have released a new version of ManyCam that contains a fix to this issue, please download it here:

Please let me know if the issue still persists.

Thanks @Mikhail,

Unfortunately the issue persist, however now I can do a simple workaround to overcome the problem.

  1. Increase the lower third (logo layer) border size and move to the corner.
  2. Continue to move until the upper part of layer logo goes beyond the canvas
  3. Resize the logo layer accordingly.

In the minus 2 version, I know it was ok; and it stops to work recently after the update.
Definitely this new version is still not resolving the issue.

Best regards,