How to create Object and Background Groups (or Starter Kits) per Teaching Lesson?

Question–If I have a course/lesson where I am using 5 objects/backgrounds, what is the best way to get all the objects (and backgrounds) for the lesson–in a simple search or load?

For example, Lesson 1-5-4 (Travel to Austalia) has a scenic beach movie background, a kangaroo sticker, a koala gif, a sunglass/hat group, and a reward background scene.
Could I press a button (or search ‘Australia’), and select all 5 of these elements…where I could use them throughout the lesson?
Or, what is the best way (within ManyCam) to do this? As I’m teaching back-to-back classes of varied lesson material, a method to call all the lesson ‘objects’ would save time :slight_smile: Perhaps, a method already exists?

I’ve found a bit of a work-around for this. (I also teach for Magic Ears) on the new version 7, you can adjust the name of the effect right from within the effects bar. Since I’m unable to change or add tags to the currently installed effects, the workaround is to add any keywords to the name itself. For example: I have a folder named food. Then inside that folder I’ve added everything food related. By renaming the effects, it alphabatizes them AND adds searchable keywords. “Meat - Steak”, “Meat - Sausages”, “Meat - Chicken”, “Meat - Fish” then adding some keywords “Meat - chicken fried yummy fast food dinner” at this stage you could additionally add the lesson number to all of the effects that you would want to appear in the search bar for a specific lesson “Meat - chicken fried yummy fast food dinner 1-8-3”. After changing all the names and restarting ManyCam, they will automatically organize in alphabetical order within the folders, and all of the keywords will be searchable by the magnifying glass. HOWEVER, I have posted earlier on this topic and it seems that NONE of these adjustments made within manycam interface can be backed up or saved in case you need to switch computers or reinstall ManyCam for whatever reason. It’s a terrible amount of work to do without being able to back it up, but I am doing it anyway out of necessity for the organization of my 1,500+ effects. facepalm

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Additionally, if they fix the GROUP settings then I imagine you could create groups of effects and save them as each lesson number. Currently this function is not working properly in Version 7 as the groups are all locked into place and can not be individually hidden.

Re effects, I’m not too far behind you :slight_smile:
At this point, I’m putting everything in one folder where files are named like ‘bathtub_dumbo_clean_bg.gif’ or ‘blender_fruit_orange_juice_sticker.gif’.
That way, the search tags work on my mac, and within manycam.

I’m finding that trying to find the right folder (like Fruit) takes too long :\
With 4 students you have <1 second to find something that works.
Would be great if ManyCam had a tagging feature within the app…or could take tags from the imported file (tagged on my macbook). Or, ManyCam simply takes a folder location—always up to date.

Also, I’d love to see a drop down search menu…outside the manycam ui/app…perhaps within the top bar of your computer’s os.

Manycam is way too cramped as an interface. The most cramped interface I’ve seen in a while. Not a rant–there’s room for improvement!

One other thing, I find that I use backgrounds (as props) as much as I use stickers. I wish manycam had the option to treat backgrounds as objects…that exist…in the background. That way, you could group entire scenes and props. The would that save me time.

On a completely unrelated note, I wrote some code that turns my class notes shorthand into a full-on randomized per-student script.
After trying to be original with 20 consecutive student reviews…I algorithm’d myself. It also sets up class notes from scraping your bookings…student names, ages, course name, key sentences and vocabulary, and etc.
Re pronunciation, the code turns:
Interesting…Focus on the beginning ‘IH1’ sound…Interesting.
Once it’s full baked, perhaps, I’ll share it.

Strange, do you chat with other Magic Ears teachers? Or, only on forums like this?

Hi @chellbell

Fixed in beta 7.0.8

That’s great news @ieo. I have downloaded the beta and I’m interested in installing it, however I’m a little nervous about doing so because I’m concerned that it will wipe out all the work I did renaming the current effects that I have installed. Any confirmation on if this will effect the names that I adjusted within the manycam interface or not?

@chellbell, Beta may be unstable, so I recommend to copy entire C:\Users\**your_user**\AppData\Roaming\ManyCam folder into safe place, try to install beta and if it fails, install stable version and then copy the folder above back. It is also a good idea to make backups from this folder from time to time, it contains all your effects and other settings e.g. presets.

@leo could you add backgrounds to Groups? That would be awesome.

@Graham_Anderson you can activate only one background effect at once, so only one background can be added to group as well (this makes groups pointless for this type of effect).

Hi Leo. For clarification, I only need to use one background at a time.

Think of it merging the ‘backgrounds’ bottom pane (which I currently use) with objects (right pane) —into one load-able preset.
They perform different functions (objects and backgrounds) AND are related to a particular class.

I may need 6 kola gifs over one zoo mp4 background—for a particular slide in a classroom course.

Im often teaching multiple back to back classes With themes like (going to Australia, I like burgers,Halloween, running is fun, and etc
Loading a ‘classroom’ group/preset containing backgrounds would be a wonderful time saving feature.

I ‘think‘ this feature would be great for teachers and digital folks who do multiple Skype presentations. When business is slow (the coding/analytics part)I teach.

For example, I might need to show code/keynote slides/d3 graph visualizations for a technical presentation over Skype.
That night I might be teaching Chinese kids about Zoos. Ah. Modern life.
Anyway, if my intent is still unclear, lmk. Thanks, Leo :slight_smile:

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