How to add Desktop Display? (resolved)

The option Desktop sharing only show a black screen.

  1. choosing Desktop > All Sources or any other option under desktop shows nothing only a black screen. This is also the case when i start the utility as Administrator. this is the case for any desktop.
    I started first to look under settings and turned off the hardware acceleration option but that freezes the app and makes it unable to restart (it crashes instantly) so pretty handy that there is added the option to reset the option under the start menu. Note that the option to “share application” works.
  • In OBS the same functionality works, so i assume it is a setting somewhere
  • in Skype this functionality works
  • in Jitsi this functionality works

Only in this tool it does not work and show me a black screen: why ?

This was resolved by setting in the properties the DPI settings to " system " (note system advanced did not work)

I bought the tool yesterday and have the same issue.

It works with my old version 5.0, with OBS Studio. The hint with: DPI setting to system is not in my new version which says:

I need help, else I will refund and delete the program and return to version 5.0

Hans, je moet deze wijzigen in Windows niet het tool: