Help - support- background

So - I chose premium instead of studio or standard mainly because it said premium support. How do I access that? Is there any real person to talk to or is it just search on your own.

Specifically, I want to change my virtual background. When I choose from the dropdown list, nothing happens. Is there a step I’m not seeing to actually use the background?

Hey @Lee_Atherton

First, please refer to this guide to activate ManyCam Subscription (if you haven’t already):
Please note that on macOS, to remove the ManyCam logo, please go to ManyCam menu bar -> Preferences -> General settings -> show ManyCam logo

Basically, ManyCam offers 3 background features:

  • Background blur
  • Remove/Replace the background without a green screen. See this guide
  • Chroma key - Remove/Replace background with a green screen. See this guide

Background blur and Remove/Replace are fully automatic. No additional actions are required, but you can adjust the amount of blur.

Chroma key always requires a green background behind you, it has two modes:

  • automatic,
  • color picker (with or without color palette).

You can also contact if you have any questions or need assistance in the future.