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Frame around video layer in layer

It would look nice to be able to put a border or frame around the edge of a layer when it is inside another layer. For example when it is our face in a smaller layer explaining what’s happening in the full-sized layer. Uploading a screenshot of what a colleague did using Ecamm which is only for mac.

His face was a video talking it through the images.


Yes this will be lovely. I do this with some other softwares, please let’s have this on manycam as well.
I have also requested that you create options for users to create their own custom transition. I love move transitions which I do with my other softwares. It would be lovely to do this on manycam. This will place it way above many softwares there

I am looking for this feature also. Live video (face) and whiteboard with a frame/overlay with corporate branding. Thanks.


You can emulate it with drawing rectangle.
For whiteboard you may create 2nd layer with image.

Thanks so much for your reply, really appreciate it!
I’ve attached an image of what I hope to emulate. It’s a little more complex than the first sample that was posted. Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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@achieve1, this is my quick reproduction of your image which you submitted using ManyCam. @ieo gave a good example of a branded whiteboard look and feel.

@JayBeeOH thank you so much! I really appreciate your effort. The design looks good but is the one that was originally posted. I added mine - it’s a pale green and shows the models method logo and a timer. Would you be able to share how you created the graphic. Perhaps I can try myself. I truly appreciate you taking the time to assist.

@achieve1 You may create a PNG image with transparent “You” area and put it above your camera in separate layer. For clock you may use clock feature.
Use Photoshop or any other image editors.

@achieve1 — Just for fun, I gave a go at your layout. I am using Beta 8, so this may not be transferable.

That looks amazing @JayBeeOH ! When you say you are using Beta 8 are you referring to ios version or something else? Thank you for your effort!

@achieve1 — I used the Windows beta version found at

If you like, send me a email message to and I will send you the exported preset and the logo I created. The exported preset may work in the released 7.10 version.