FPS adjust randomly after various recordings

Hello everyone,

i use manycam generally for recordings. I own a premium account, means i can set the resolution on 4k and the fps rate also up to 60fps.

Now i have the problem, that normally the fps rate is set on 60fps. But when i watch the recordings after they got actually recorded, some clips are on 30 fps and some are 60fps.

How can that happen?

I record the videos with a camlink and an external camera. For that i use an PC with a gpu (1050ti).

What i also noticed is, that the software sets the recording quality lower as it actually is. for example , i want to record a video in 720 solution but when i check the final video the quality looks like 480 with 30fps.

Thats very frustration, because i didnt change something at all in the software. I only start it and the recordings are always different.

Do you have the same issue ? Or any ideas what i can check , that my settings stay the same all the time?

Thanks for your help!!!