Feature Request: Layer Blur Effect

Manycam offers some important layer level effects and filters… namely:

  • brightness/contrast,
  • colour adjustment,
  • zoom/magnification,
  • orientation/alignment,
  • rotation/flip and
  • crop (on webcam layers only)

I miss having the following layer effects that I used extensively before:

  • blur/sharpen,
  • gamma correction,
  • monochrome/sepia,
  • black and white,
  • etc.

Can we please add a layer blur effect (not just for webcam) because it will enable us to create slight blur (adjustable) to any background layer that we insert behind a chromakeyed webcam layer.

A slight blur on a background layer brings attention back to the chromakeyed webcam foreground, especially when the background has busy detail or is video source. I have a few beautiful bookshelf wallpapers that I used to be able to blur, ever so slightly, so that people were not always trying to identify what books I had on “my bookshelf” during meetings.

Just a thought… for the next version…


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