Facebook and youtube streams freeze and lose connection

We just tried manycam for a live stream for the first time (trying to replace OBS).
We’re trying to stream to Facebook live and Youtube live at the same time. On the viewer’s end, both streams frequently freeze (spinning circle), and periodically give an actual error about the stream having issues.

We have streamed over this connection for years, and have used OBS to create multiple streams without any issues. Bandwitdth checked out at 20Mbps upstream available (over 300 downstream).

Computer has an i7 CPU and was at less than 30% CPU usage.

We ended up using a different app for streaming because the freezing/disconnecting was so frequent, and the other app worked fine (again, not a bandwidth issue).

I’d be grateful for any help.


– Al

Hey @Al-359

Please post your video settings (resolution, FPS) and RTMP settings (ManyCam Settings -> RTMP Streaming). Does this issue occur when you stream to one platform at a time?