Drag drop into the scene directly--no add as effect?

I’d like to add objects directly to the scene–without having to select the ‘Add as effect’.
Could this be done–if you add an ‘option keypress’ to the drag?

Things move so fast in a digital ESL environment. Often, I have to drag/drop the same effect 5 times…so I can select the add as effect option…to get the dancing koala gif into the scene.
If I had time to be deliberate and ‘lean-in’ to the ux, I probably would not have this problem. Embrace the chaos!

Hi @Graham_Anderson,

What about adding effects to the scene on drag&n&drop into “SELECTED EFFECTS” area?

Thanks, I did try that :slight_smile: Doesn’t seem to work on a mac?
I’m on 7.0.13 ManyCam and Mojave 10.14.6

Is it a bug?


Sorry, this was my suggestion (I think that some users may not realize presence of an ‘option keypress’ if it will be added). Yep, it doesn’t work :wink:

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On that note, I would love to see the ManyCam effects search moved to a OS menu bar…out of the ManyCam interface…
And, search knows whether the highlighted item is an object or a background…and manycam deals with that scene insert appropriately…
that would be awesome