Connecting Elgato HD60 to manycam

I’ve been trying to add my Elgato HD60 to manycam and having problems. I’m using the Elgato to connect to my other computer to pull video when I’m DJing

Hey @Knightrin

Please see these threads:

Hey @Mikhail

Thanks, I’ve checked those out already and that’s different from what I’ve trying to do. Elgato HD 60 is a game capture but I’m using it to send my video to another computer. It works on OBS… Consider it as video capture.

Hey @Knightrin

Unfortunately, not all capture devices are supported by ManyCam atm. We are looking itno ways to improve that.

@Mikhail Thanks… However, I’m a little surprised Manycam has not introduced the Elgato capture cards when I’ve found FB forums on your FB page of people asking for it over six years ago…