Can't get Manycam screen to return to normal size

I just bought Manycam and have most of it figured out except for one thing.

I clicked on the green ‘maximize’ button at the top left of the Manycam screen (not the ‘full screen’ icon lower right of Manycam.) Now, Manycam always opens filling up my entire desktop screen, and I can’t find any way to get it to shrink back to a normal size (so I can see my desktop around the edges). I did try to ‘click and drag’ the edges to shrink it and that didn’t work, either.

The only thing I found in Help was about using that ‘fullscreen’ icon lower right; it doesn’t ‘shrink’ the Manycam screen back to a normal size.

I use an iMac and have tried Escape and all function keys to no avail. How do I get the cam screen size back so it doesn’t fill my entire desktop? (note, the 3 ‘sizing’ icons originally at the top left of the browser/Manycam no longer appear, either).

Hey @Gman

Uninstall ManyCam as shown here:
Install this version of ManyCam: and restart your machine.

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thank you! I appreciate it