Camera not connected

Hi, I’m using an external USB Webcam (actually a 35mm full frame camera, with a HDMI->USB interface), which works awesome with ManyCam.

I’ve set up a bunch of pre-sets w/ the camera chromakeyed with various backgrounds. But evertime I have to shutdown my laptop and/or remove the webcam, when I reconnect the camera and start manycam, none of my presets recognize the webcam. Manycam sees that I have a webcam and I can create new presets with it, but all the old presets say “camera not connected.”

Any way to make the pre-sets less fragile so I don’t have to recreate them every time?



I too am annoyed by this issue on my MacBook Pro, ManyCam v6.5.1.0, macOS Catalina 10.15.4, Logitech C920.
Regardless of the USB port I use, the “Camera not connected” error occurs every time I disconnect/reconnect the camera.
It’s not a super big deal, because I can resolve relatively quickly by going to each preset and re-selecting the camera each time that happens.
Why doesn’t ManyCam do this automatically for me???

Did you find a solution to this? I’m experiencing the same problem.

@ieo Is this a known issue or do we have any insight here?

I get this under Windows when I am using Android cell phones under the app. The phones just disappear without any action in the phones side or the application side. I have to remove and re-add the phone in the preset in order to get it to work. This is fine if my phone is in my studio with me, but if I am working with someone miles away who is a complete luddite, then this becomes untenable.

If we could set the Android app to automatically accept connections from certain IP addresses or accounts, that would at least work around the problem.

I have the same problem with a macbook pro, but i have´nt being able to make it work. Can you help me?

This is still happening on the Mac - every time I disconnect and reconnect the camera, I have to manually delete and add it back into my presets. Can we please get this fixed?