Background effects disappear

Hi. Today, when I tried to use a background (effects), I move out of the frame while the background loads. It loads successfully. However, when I move back into the frame, the background disappears and it’s just me and the green screen. This happens with all of the backgrounds I have installed. Although I usually use chroma key rather than backgrounds, this is the first time there has been a problem.

Suggestions appreciated.



Hey @rexall9000,

Please check out this article

Generally, we suggest using Chroma key instead of Backgrounds.

Tks for the reply, Mikhail. Of course you realize that the link you sent doesn’t address why backgrounds might not work. But if ManyCam admits that the backgrounds feature sucks (My words, not yours), that’s good enough for me, and there is not point in fiddling around with it very much. Thanks for that. Chroma key, however, works fine, especially the latest version.