Automate Camera Transitions

I’m probably one of the few that use ManyCam physically distanced from the laptop, because I am a yoga teacher so the laptop and the cameras has to be at least at 2meters from me, so I am not physically able to rise the mouse or the keyboard in order tho change the camera with key commands.

Right know I programmed a simple command in “Automator” in mi MacBook Pro, to recreate, in a loop, the key command press. So it´s working but very rudimentary.

So it would be great for many cam to have the option of loop transition of the cameras we want at the speed we want.


Hey @SergioGonzalez

At the moment we do have the playlist function, if you want to switch between different cameras/sources/etc on a timer you can use the playlist to set these variables.

Here is a little demo .gif , I used blank colours to demonstrate the sources, but these can be any image/video source ManyCam can ingest.

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OMG @Chris_MC I did´n know it! It’s great!
This forum it’s fantastic!

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Awesome! I’m glad to have helped, were currently working on improving everything across the board, from functionality to usability.

If ever you want to check on the new things we’re working on please be sure to check

That’s a great feature.
I don’t need it to cycle through as regularly. My wife and I are currently using Touch Portal to cycle through Manycam cameras and other things from a distance like a remote control. But this seems like a great fix for you.


Hello @Chris_MC I used that tool, but its not enough, because the layer you add its shows in all the play list, not in a specific one of the list.
But its a good tool.

We solved that by getting a bluetooth keyboard and mouse…about $35 from amazon, Place it next to your mat and just reach out when you need to switch cameras.

:thinking: mmm the Keyboard! :+1:t2::+1:t2:
Good idea!