Audio problem fb live and record same time

I use for record and facebook live same time but, audio in record works fine but facebook live not works, i use full app in ios

Hey @JimmyStream,

Welcome to the community. Can you elaborate on a few things? So you are streaming to Facebook with ManyCam for iOS. Do you use our desktop app when streaming or just the mobile app?

You noticed that there is no sound on your Facebook stream, however, when you record the same stream in ManyCam on iOS, the recording appears to have sound. Is that correct?

Can you post a link to your Facebook Live stream?

I have the same issue. When you stream live to facebook using the ManyCam iOS app, when anyone views the stream there is maybe 5 seconds of audio (no matter how long the video is). But on the recording on the phone, the audio is there. This makes the app irrelevant for live streaming. Might as well record and edit the videos together then upload. I am using the current version of ManyCam with the iPhone X s max on the most recent update to iOS.

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when I transmit and record at the same time, the recording has audio but not the transmission, I use only the app on ios (iphone)

Sorry for the English, I use a translator

@JimmyStream, @Dennis_Johnson,

Thank you for the reporting this issue. We were able to reproduce it on our end. We’ve added it on the list and are now looking for ways to fix it.

The problem perssist, any solution? Audio only first 10 sec…

@JimmyStream , @Dennis_Johnson,

The fix is expected in the next version, in the mean time you can try to install the latest beta where the bug should be fixed: