Audio interface per input

Hi, I am new to ManyCam, so if I’m not using something correctly, it’s totally on me.

My background is audio, so video is very new to me.

I’m guessing this is relatively easy to fix, but I have no idea, I don’t write code, and so am thankful for what you have made.

I was setting up video inputs and was trying to make my audio interface turn on and off per input; for instance I am a musician, and I am doing live shows, I open with a buffer video, and don’t want my audio interface to be live during the video, but when I change to the next input: my live camera feed, I want the audio interface to be live. I notice that the interface is globally on or off, it isn’t a per scene basis.

Lastly, I’ve noticed a work around to a different issue, but I think there is a better solution that you all could offer. If I am live streaming I should have the ability to turn off the audio from ManyCam, and continue to have the audio stream. If I have both my stream, and ManyCam running I would like to be able to hear the audio from the stream and not ManyCam. The work around I have found is changing my audio output to line output, so that way I don’t get anything, but If I am using headphones that isn’t a helpful solution. There should be a way for me to say output: none.

Thank you for your consideration.