Adjusting Tags on Effects for better searching

After using ManyCam for some years I’ve accumulated well over 1000 effects. Although they are organized into folders and alphabetically by name, often they are difficult to find on the fly. Also, sometimes an effect may fit into 2 categories and I can’t remember which folder I stored it in.

TAGGING the image when creating an effect is a great way to solve this problem.

Upon creation of the effect on the ManyCam website, I can add all the tags that I can think of that the search function will find later. Unfortunately, if I forget to add an important tag, or if I download an effect that someone else made, then the search function won’t work on finding it.

My request would be for a function to be added to the software or preferably the .mcv file properties where tags could be added and removed as needed which would then allow the search function to work optimally. Ideally, this should be added to the .mcv file itself so that potentially reinstalling these effects on another machine or at a later date would still remember the updated tags.


Thank you for posting this suggestion. Our team will look into this.

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