Add a sound amplifier

Hello, I’m new to this community.

I would like you to add to the audio output a sound amplifier for the stereo mix or microphone outputs that automatically amplifies the signal to the highest level without distortion.

My problem is that I use headphones on the computer and listen to the sound at a relatively low volume, so the stereo mix of my sound card also works at a very low volume. To get a powerful audio signal in the stereo mix I have to turn up the volume a lot, but then I damage my ears. Something similar happens with the camera microphone and I never know if it’s sounding too low or too loud. Maybe adding some kind of amplifier or audio compressor to the manycam audio output could fix my problem.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Big_D,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Do you use the “Downmix to mono” setting on the Audio tab in ManyCam? Is it low only when you use the external sound card? What soundcard are you using?