Add a few basic background images

Currently for a source selection we have “Media files” or “Images & Videos”. I would like some basic background designed images preloaded in addition to the current browse for selection as options. While similar to Effects background, this suggested enhancements would make it easier to have themed backgrounds.


Since ManyCam 7.7.1 you can put your images/videos into %AppData%\ManyCam\Backgrounds\UserData folder and they will appear as options for background (requires restart).

On macOS use ~/Library/Application Support/Visicom Media/ManyCam/Backgrounds/UserData

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Comment accéder au dossier backgrounds/Userdata sur mac os ?
Ne pourriez-vous pas rendre la fonction déposer un arrière plan directement dans le programme et ainsi pouvoir facilement gérer le dossier backround avec nos arrière-plans personnalisés ?