"accelerated capturing" - what is it?

What is “accelerated capturing” exactly? My system seems to have developed an oddity perhaps with the 7.8 release of ManyCam or maybe with a recent GeForce driver update.

I have 3 displays on my system: the laptop display (#1), a 24 inch display on a USB C Thunderbolt video adapter (#2) and a 34 inch display on the HDMI out of my laptop (#3).

When I have “accelerated capturing” enabled ManyCam can’t grab anything on the desktop from display #3 but it doesn’t have a problem with #1 or #2 - any window or custom region it tries to capture is blank BUT I do see the mouse move in the layer when I mouse through it… When it’s disabled, ManyCam can grab all desktop content from all the displays.

What am I losing with having this setting disabled? Anything important? I don’t seem to have any lag on capturing when it’s disabled. Things all seem nice an peppy from what I’ve experienced so far.

Thanks for any info.