A lot of problems with manycam " Video resolution has been downscaled" Urgent

I teach online, for some reason recently no matter what quality I select, I get an error that something is downscaling it to 320 x whatever. If I use our teaching app, it says the app is downscaling it. If I use my web browser then it says “svchost.exe is down scaling” No matter what video resolution I select this happens and It never happened before

Now I have company complaints that my camera quality is terrible or bad, why? WHy is this happening? If my regular webcam can do 1080p without errors, why is manycam being degraded? I have a warning now that because of this I’m not allowed to use the software anymore. I have done everything possible to fix the error. What should I do to resolve it?

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Svchost.exe is downscaling your video… , always something stupid downscaling my video. Why isn’t my stock cam downscaled ?

Hi @AJ9000,

Does your software (web page or Skype or whatever you use) support selecting camera resolution? if yes, please try to select higher res (HD option or something like this).

BTW you can safely ignore the warning if you are OK with the quality.

You may also try new (beta) camera option called “ManyCam Video Device”: install fresh version and activate this option in Settings:


I have installed the beta, rebooted, Enabled the option . On the work site I select 1280 ×720 , 720p, on manycam I select 720p, 30fps. On the website which loads via chrome, I selected video beta

When I enter the site, I get a message that Svchost.exe is downscaling my video. My issue is, if I use my stock camera , its not downscaling. When I review playback I can see manycam is downscaled but not my stock webcam , Why? my stock webcam is 720p

Its a little better at 768x576, but not great