A couple of text box issues

Been using manycam for a couple of months now, one main gripe is being unable to make the text box smaller than the fixed minimum height

for example, roboto font size 10 or lower, the text is dangling from the top of the text box, with a huge empty row below it. So I am forced to use transparent background for text box so it doesn’t look awkward.


  • can’t reduce the height to fit the text size perfectly, awkward empty space below when using small fonts, forced to use transparent textbox background
  • can’t change vertical alignment. If I could centre text vertically, it wouldn’t look as bad as it does now (on a coloured textbox background) at the very least
  • as said in another thread, there should be multiple text boxes
  • adjust the text scrolling speed bar… how many people use the max scrolling setting for text boxes? you can’t read anything. increase the sensitivity of adjusting the lower end of the speed scale. or include a box so we can key in the same desired text speed everytime instead of fumbling with the cumbersome scroller
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