A collection of multiple scenes

Question: Is it possible to have different collections of scenes–you can load on demand?

In my case, I may have different collections of scenes for different types of students–adult/child/gender. If you’re teaching back-to-back sessions (with different students), customization is extremely difficult.

The alternative has been to use Google Slides as the background and use Manycam for foreground–webcam POVs (full screen or 1/4 screen) and interactivity. This is a little too complex for spontaneity.
I believe this ‘collection’ feature is included in Obs Studio. Maybe, Manycam also has this?

Hey @Graham_Anderson,

There’s no such feature yet, however some settings can be saved as presets:

  1. You can save video playlists,
  2. You can save a group of selected effects,

I’ve marked your topic as “suggestion”.

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